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IDS is truly the first school in the Metaverse®.You will be provided with an Oculus Quest® 2 for the VR part and attend in classroom in Bologna. You will be immersed in the Italian life and culture with field trips in Milan, Florence and Bologna.


Designers are connected in a world that relies more and more on AI and electronic appliances that are delivered by large retail chains. Innovative devices conceived in a part of the world and sold overseas are all made possible today thanks to cloud, 3D printing and VR technologies.

Through our blended summer courses, we will prepare you to embrace this revolution.

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We believe that our courses will meet the growing professional demand for product and industrial designers for startups in today's market and equip students with both the theoretical and practical skills required to flourish in this booming industry.

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We want to contribute to society through the pursuit of design education as well as learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

We shape modern professionals to embrace and lead the technology revolution of product and industrial design in the digital era.

We believe learning should be fun and if you come all the way from your country to Italy, we will strive to do our best to ensure that you enjoy the full experience of design, art, food and fashion.


Tobia Repossi.jpg

Tobia Repossi


Viola Bentivogli.jpg

Viola Bentivogli

Head of Programme

Batu Gundal.jpg

Batu Gündal

Head of VR

Gilberto Cavallina.jpg

Gilberto Cavallina

Startup Expert

Stefano Pugliese.jpg

Stefano Pugliese

Head of Furniture

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